Update on Sam Prentice- One year down, many more to go.

Well, more than one year, but hopefully for those of you who wondered where I disappeared this past 14 months, you can now understand. Here is my first of what will soon be my tradition of ‘annual update’ posts. Also, I felt like it was time to update everyone at least to give some justification to my lack of posts these past few months.  That said-


First let me say, God has been good to me!  He has consistently provided for me, and has allowed me to participate in some amazing opportunities. If I were to list ALL the ways I have been blessed, I would run out of room, but I will attempt to highlight some of the specific areas. As I look back on the past year since I got into the business, I have gained so much insight it is incredible. I cannot thank enough, those who have chosen to invest in me.


I have had the PRIVELEGE of servicing over 150 clients, writing nearly 10 million in death benefit,  a few Long Term Care and Disability along the way, as well as some group and personal health insurance.  I have had the privilege of showing so many people the strategies that allow you to stay in complete control of their money, while still keeping as much as possible when you pass away, in the family. I often tell people, I won’t tell you how to MAKE the money, but I WILL tell you how to PRESERVE your money. Principle guaranteed investments far outshine their riskier counterparts, and definitely outshine the CD/Bond environment.


Sometimes it’s the little things… When the storms hit, I had 5 of my clients call me the next day to make sure I was ok. That moved me and let me know- I wasn’t just ‘the insurance guy’. God knows how to encourage me in small ways each and every day. I recently had a client call me just to let me know she had thought about me and wanted me to have a great rest of the week. I had two of my favorite clients pray for me after we had lined out their  retirement plan. Yes, they prayed for me, not for their money. J I have had gift baskets delivered, cards mailed, and text messages. I can’t help but stay happy and enthused about my work! God is so good.

My life right now-

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do what I am doing now. God has given me certain gifts and nuances that make me who I am. I love deal shopping, getting the best, teaching, explaining, numbers, sharing, fellowship, sharing my faith and challenges.  Through my work I get to do all of the above. As an independent broker, I can fulfill my love of getting the best by doing so every day for my clients. I have the ability to write for any company, so I have the ability to shop through WITHOUT bias and pick out the absolute best plan for my clients(the best is not always the cheapest I might add). I get to teach, explain, and fellowship every day. God has given me a gift for communication, and I get to use that every day as I listen to stories, understand needs, and provide solutions. Numbers are a part of my life now, and I love it. There is always a challenge to be overcome, new strategies to improve the ability to preserve wealth, tax laws that change, ect ect- and I love that constant stream of daily fresh challenges. I commonly am helping people plan for ‘what happens to you after you die?’ My faith is such a large part of who I am, it just can’t help but come up in conversation at that point. God has been so good to allow me the joy of sharing him!


If you are still with me after reading all of that, I commend you. If you are already one of my clients, I thank you for your support and loyalty! If you are one of my dear friends who is wondering why I have not taken the time to talk to you about your insurance, it’s simply because I NEVER want anyone to be offended or feel obligated to do business with me. If you are reading this, and would like to have more contact with me, whether it is to review what you have, obtain more, or simply to gain a better understanding of myself and my firms services so you can pass me along, don’t hesitate to put yourself in contact with me.  Many blessings have come my way, if I can in anyway bless you or touch your life in a positive way, I eagerly await the chance.

This quote sums up exactly how I feel, and some of what motivates me on a daily basis.


“Many times a day I realize how much
my own inner and outer life is built
on the labors of other men, both living
and dead, and how earnestly I must exert
myself in order to give and return as
much as I have received.”

–Albert Einstein

God Bless!

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